How to Convince Your Mom to Get a Cat

Adopting a cat can be both exciting and overwhelming for anyone. Owning a cat means that you will need to make new adjustments in your home to make her life comfortable. You will need to get cat supplies before the cat gets home. The first few days may be tough but once the cat adjusts to the new environment, everything will go well.

Therefore, even before you introduce the idea of owning a cat to your mum, ensure that you have what the cat will need. For instance, you will need to inform the other family members so they can get ready for the transition.

How to Convince Your Mom to Get a Cat

What you should do before bringing the cat home

1. Remove all potential toxins and anything that may cause harm to the cat

Before bringing a new cat to the house, ensure that the environment is safe for them. Get rid of anything that may be poisonous to the cat. This includes house cleaning products and some house plants.

Therefore, ensure that the detergents and bleaches are on a closed shelf where the cat can’t reach them. Also, note that some house plants are very toxic to cats. Therefore, if you have plants like lucky bamboo, and peace lilies in your house, get rid of them before the cat arrives.

Cats can jump to access a higher level. Therefore, do not assume that because they are kept up high the cat cannot reach them.

2. Cat proof your home

Cats can chew on electric cords. Not only does this pose the risk of choking to cats, but also could cause electrocution. Therefore, ensure that all wires and cords are we’ll secured so that the cat does not access them. Also, keep yarns and any string-like items away from the cat’s reach.

Additionally, cat-proof your home by ensuring that there are no small opening where the cat can escape through. You can install sturdy screens on windows and ensure that indoor trash cans have a secure lid.

3. Inform all the family members

It is important to let other people living in the house of your intentions. Thus, you will get them on board and they will help with caring for the cat. Additionally, if there are people with cat allergies, you can discuss on the way forward. Furthermore, if you have small kids, you can train them in advance on how to safely play with the cat.

4. Get the necessary cat supplies

Once your mom agrees to get a cat, you will need cat food and water bowls that won’t tip over, cat litter box, cat tree, and cat grooming supplies. Additionally, you will need cat toys for your cat to play with and a comfortable cat bed.

Getting the cat scratching posts will keep her from scratching and ruining your mom’s furniture and carpet. Ensure that you get her the right size litter box and place it where she can easily access it. The right size litter box will prevent messes from happening.

5. Buy her high-quality cat food

Cats just like humans need high-quality food. It is not safe to feed human food to your cat since they may be toxic to her. Additionally, they may not meet all of your cat’s nutritional needs. Therefore, to ensure that the cat is getting all the nutrients they need for a healthy life, buy her high-quality cat food.

Moreover, high-quality cat food will not upset your cat’s digestive system and cause problems like constipation and diarrhea. You can consult the shelter or the breeder where you get her the kind of food they were feeding her. Changing your cat’s diet from their usual diet requires a gradual change where you mix the new diet with the food they have been using.

How to Convince Your Mom to Get a Cat

What you should do after bringing the cat home

1. Schedule a veterinarian checkup for the cat

Once the cat gets arrives home, plan to take her to the veterinarian for checkup and physical examination. The veterinarian will advise on the vaccinations your cat needs to live a healthy life. Also, they will advise when to get your cat spayed if she has not yet undergone the procedure. You do not want to overwhelm your mum with new kittens a few months later.

Additionally, getting them to the veterinarian for the examination will help identify any underlying health problems and treat them before they progress. Most cat diseases may become fatal when left untreated. Also, plan with your veterinarian on when you will be taking her for follow up checkups.

2. Get her an ID tag that has your contact information

Accidents can happen to any pet owner. No matter how careful you are, your cat may get lost. Therefore, you will need to get them an ID collar that has your contact information. This will help in efforts to reunite her with you if she gets lost outdoors. A cat microchip is also a good idea.

3. Start training her as soon as she gets home

Once your cat is home, start training her. Train her on how to use the litter tray. If she gets it right, reward her with treats. However, if she engages in bad behavior, discourage her by distracting her. For instance, if she scratches furniture, disrupt her by showing her the scratching post. You can also get her a training collar for cats.

4. Ensure that she has enough toys

Cats get bored easily. Therefore, ensure that you get her enough cat toys to play with. This will keep her from doing mischief. Also, it is a way of her getting physical exercises when running around chasing toys. Exercise is very important in a cat’s life. It keeps them healthy, improves blood circulation, and prevents weight-related problems.

How to convince your mom to get a cat

How to convince your mom to get a cat

Cats are a joy to the family. The cuddles and the playtime are some of the things we enjoy when we have a cat in the household. What should you do if your mom is hesitant about getting a cat? How would you approach her and convince her? 

Your mom may be hesitant about getting a cat may be due to the extra responsibility and costs that come with owning a cat. Also, some family members could be allergic to cats. However, you can convince her to get a hypoallergenic cat. The steps discussed below will help you convince your mom to get a cat

Here is how to convince your mom to get a cat

1. Make a list of why your mum may not want to get a cat 

Before convincing your mom to get a cat, consider the factors that could be hindering her from getting one. For instance, she may be hesitant because of the extra cost that comes with caring for a pet. Additionally, she may worry that the cat will come to make messes and ruin her furniture.

Also, she could worry that her busy schedule will not give her enough time to care for the cat and they require attention. Therefore, after you identify what could make your mom say no to a cat, come up with solutions.

2. Address her concerns by providing her with solutions to the issues that may be worrying her

Be proactive and find solutions to what may be worrying your mom about getting a cat. For example, if a family member is allergic to cats, you can go for cat breeds that do not shed and get an air purifier to remove pet hair and pet dander once the cat gets home.

Additionally, if it is the cost worrying her, offer to contribute something from your savings or get a job to help her in getting the cat supplies the cat needs. If it is the time factor, you can offer to take care of the cat yourself. However, since cats are independent animals, they may not require too much attention.

3. Do thorough research on basic cat care

Caring for a cat requires some basic knowledge. Hence, research basic cat care so that you can help your mom in cat care. For example, you will need to know what kind of food to feed your cat, what kind of litter box your cat needs, and how do cats communicate to understand her language. You may impress your mom with your cat knowledge and make her feel confident about getting a cat.

4. Present the idea of owning a cat to your mom

Rehearse on what you will tell your mom. It is important to get ready when suggesting such an idea since it will have a big impact. Choose a time when your mom is relaxed and not distracted. However, if you know that your parents are struggling financially, it may not be the best time to ask your parents to get a cat.

Go direct to the point to avoid your mom losing her patience. Even if she says no at first, present your research and impress her. Let her know the benefits of owning a cat and how you will help around. You may not get the ‘Yes’ answer immediately but be sure she will think about it. Do not argue with her or whine. Give her enough time to think about it.

How to convince your mom to get a cat

Reasons to present to your mom on why she should get a cat

1. Cats are very clean

Cats are vehement groomers. Essentially, cats spend most of their time cleaning. Therefore, you will not need to dedicate time to bathe your cat. However, some situations may require you to bath the cat. For instance, when she gets oil or grease on her coat.

2. A cat in the house will keep rodents away

It is not fun sharing the house with mice, rats, and voles. Therefore, having a cat in the household will keep these rodents away from your house and your yard. Cats like Maine Coons are very good hunters and will ensure that your home is rodent-free.

3. Cats are independent

Cats are the perfect pet for people with a busy schedule. Owning a cat has lesser responsibilities than owning other pets. Also, cats can spend some time alone hence won’t hinder you from running an errand. As long as you leave her enough food and water for the day, she will take care of herself for the most part.

4. A cat can help in reducing stress

Research shows that petting a pet releases endorphins into the brain which gives you a calming effect. Therefore, when you feel stressed, stroke your cat’s head and you will feel happy and relaxed. Moreover, the cat’s fur is very soft!

Additionally, owning a cat can help you cope with the loss of a loved one. Cats serve as social support when someone is going through a difficult time. Cats will listen to you and not judge like human beings.

5. A cat will offer companionship

Cats are very affectionate pets. Therefore, they can be excellent companions just like dogs. The stereotype that dogs are more affectionate than cats is just a stereotype. Cats remember the kindness you show them and return the favor.

How to convince your mom to get a cat

6. Cats are funny

Cats can make random dances and funny leaps when fascinated. Also, they do some funny things like sleeping in a funny position and places. It’s not a wonder to find a cat sleeping in a box right next to their bed. Want to laugh at some funny cat behaviors? Search for funny cat videos online and you will be fascinated at what cats can do.

7. Cats are loving

Cat are very affectionate animals. When you establish a strong bond with your cat, you will receive hundreds of snuggles anytime. Additionally, she will be meeting you at the door and say hello with a meow when you return home after a long day at work. What could be more beautiful than that! The cat purring sound helps with reducing the feelings of stress and anxiety.


Owning a cat brings happiness and excitement. Cats are very adorable and very well behaved. Once you train the cat on how to use the litter box, you will not have to clean up their messes all over your house. Convince your mom that getting a cat, she will not only get a pet but a furry friend and a companion who will love her with her everything. Anytime she needs a cuddle, the cat will always be ready for her.

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