Best Shock Collars For Cats Meowing (Top Picks)

Cats can sometimes have troublesome behavior that could be irritating. Other bad cat behaviors can be very destructive to your home and can even put your furry baby at risk.

Therefore, using positive and negative reinforcement can be an effective way to modify your cat’s behavior. However, it may take long before your cat adjusts but it is worth it to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of your kitty.

What is a shock collar?

A shock collar is usually a regular collar that has a small device that delivers an electric shock when intended. However, the electrical shock is not designed to inflict pain on your cat but to alter bad behavior.

Here is how shock collars for cats work; if you observe your cat engaging in an unpleasant behavior, deliver the shock immediately. Your cat will start associating the unpleasant sensation from the collar with the behavior and will likely refrain from the bad behavior.

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Best Shock Collars for Cats Meowing Reviews (Top Picks)

1. Aetertek AT-211 Rechargeable Cat Training Collar

Aetertek AT-211 Rechargeable Cat Training Collar, Shock collars for cats meowing

This training collar is designed for small dogs and large cats weighing between 10lbs and 50lbs. it is a multifunctional collar that has 10 levels of shock. Also, it has beep mode, vibration mode, and shock mode. Besides, this collar has an LCD, remote hence easy to control.

Also, it has an advanced design, electromagnetic induction switch solution, and power switch hence convenient and reliable to use for training your kitty. This shock collar has an adjustable TPU strap length from 2” to 9” hence fit perfectly. Besides, it has a rechargeable remote control and receiver collar hence saves you money.

With this collar, you can use the beeping sound function or the vibration mode to deter your cat from meowing and engaging in other undesirable actions. Therefore, you can still train your cat without using the shock and only use the shock mode as the last resort. Even if you use the shock, the intensity will not cause harm to your kitty.

2. EXuby Small Dog Shock Collar with Remote

EXuby Dog Shock Collar with Remote

This shock collar is a perfect choice for correcting bad behaviors in small dogs and cats. Whether it is excessive meowing, running away, biting, and scratching, this shock collar will stop your kitty instantly.

Additionally, it has a training clicker that you can use before using the shock collar to alert your kitty. Therefore, your kitty will learn to stop the meowing after they hear the click to avoid the shock. Hence, you will not have to shock your cat every time they misbehave.

Moreover, it has 3 modes which are sound click, vibration, and shock. You can use the sound or vibration warning to warn your cat. The shock mode has a setting intensity of 1-100. Therefore, you can choose the intensity that will suit your cat without causing them pain.

Furthermore, it has a rechargeable receiver and remote control. Therefore, you do not need to use batteries on this shock collar since you can charge both pieces. It is a high-quality collar that is durable with reliable performance. Thus, great value for money.

3. DOG CARE Dog Training Collar with Remote

DOG CARE Dog Training Collar with Remote, Shock collars for cats meowing

If you are looking for shock collars for cats meowing or aggressiveness, this is a wise buy. This shock collar is very easy to use hence perfect for pet parents and trainers too. Besides, it is lightweight since it is made with nylon hence will not be bulky to your cat to carry around. Also, it is rain resistant and a durable product.

Additionally, it has an LCD-screen receiver and a transmitter hence you can use it during the day and at night as well. Moreover, it has different modes. You can choose between the vibration mode, tone mode and static shock mode. In the vibration mode, the collar vibrates to warn your kitty when he is about to misbehave. On tone mode, the collar makes a beeping sound to warn your kitty. Additionally, the static shock mode has 100 customized levels hence you can select the mode suitable for your kitty.

Furthermore, this collar remembers the last mode you used. Hence, when you power it, it will use the mode you previously used. If the collar stays a long period with no activity, it switches to sleep mode.

4. AutheBark Collar for Small Dog

Bark Collar for Small Dog

This shock collar is suitable for small dogs and cats. It a fully adjustable collar and fits even the smallest necks. Also, it has 7 different levels of sensitivity adjustment.

Also, it has four modes namely; beep mode, ultrasonic mode, Vibration mode, and shock mode. Therefore, you can choose the mode you want to use to train your furry baby.

Why Use Shock Collars for Cats Meowing?

Cats are a bit difficult to train as compared to dogs. Cat parents use shock collars as a training aid especially for modifying behavior. Therefore, shock collars help in making cat’s behavior modification for cat owners easy.

Other traditional methods to discipline your cat such as yelling, physical punishment and squirt bottles only instill fear in your cat. Therefore, most trainers recommend ignoring the bad behavior until your cat stops even though it may take a very long time.

Types of shock collars for cats

1. Unmanned shock collars

These shock collars do not need you to be around so that they can be effective. They of 2 types namely:

Motion sensitive shock collars.

These shock collars are effective when you want to prevent your cat from accessing specific places including outdoors.  They work in such a way that they complete the circuit on an invisible wire placed at the entrance of the prohibited area to deliver the electric shock. Therefore, these collars are used to prevent your kitty from entering or leaving a specific room. If your cat sneaks outside, you can try this collar to correct the runaway behavior.

Sound sensitive shock collars.

These shock collars are activated by a microphone that sends a signal to deliver a shock. These are effective shock collars for cats meowing since if the meowing noise is higher than the selected level, the collar will deliver a shock to stop your kitty from meowing loudly especially at night.

2. Remote-controlled shock collars.

These shock collars are remotely controlled. Therefore, to use them effectively, you will need to be around to activate them by pressing the remote control immediately your cat misbehaves. If your cat meows are loud, you can activate the shock to warn them that what they are doing is wrong.

Shock Collars For Cats Meowing

Why Use Cat Shock Collars to Modify Behavior?

The main purpose of using a shock collar for cats is to train your cat. Your cat meows constantly and loudly especially at night can be a nuisance. Therefore, this behavior would need correcting. Also, if your cat accesses prohibited places such as outdoors, you may have to use a shock collar to prevent them from going outside where they could get harmed.

Although effective, in my opinion, I would not recommend it since it may confuse your cat. Cats do not understand punishment and using shock collars on them may result in stress and aggressiveness. If the meowing is not that bad, you can opt to ignore it and eventually your cat will stop. Also, you can applaud and reward good behavior as you ignore bad behavior.

However, it may take time until your cat completely adjusts. Besides, there are other better and more effective behavioral adjustment methods for training your cats. They include cat deterrent sprays.

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Are Shock Collars for Cats Meowing Safe to Use?

Shock collars for cats are safe to use on cats. However, avoid using shock collars for dogs on your kitty. This is because they may have a high voltage so using it on your cat may be dangerous. Look for shock collars specifically for cats since they have the right voltage for cats without hurting them.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Shock Collars for Cats Meowing

1. The electrical shock intensity.

Buy shock collar for your cat that has an electric shock intensity that your kitty can withstand without resulting in aggressiveness. A high electric shock may result in fear and other health problems for your cat. Therefore, look for shock collars for cats meowing that has adjustable intensities that your cat can handle.

2. Cat shock collar or Dog Shock Collar?

Dogs, just like cats have their shock collars for training purposes. Therefore, talk to your vet before purchasing the electric collar for dogs for your cat. However, there are shock collars for small dogs that can be used on cats too. You can opt for these since the shock intensity is small and large cats can withstand.

3. Proper fit

Look for collars made specifically for cats or small dogs. The collar should give a proper fit. If it is loose, your kitty can lose it or get stuck in a fence or a tree. However, if it is too tight for your cat, it can cause skin irritation and would be uncomfortable for your kitty.

4. Collar material quality

Shock collars for cats should be made with a high-quality durable material such as nylon. Also, it should be light in weight, soft and stretch for a perfect fit. Moreover, the receiver, collar and the remote should have rechargeable batteries. Therefore, buy collars that have a long battery life.

5. Additional features

Look for shock collars for cats meowing that have a beep sound and vibration before delivering the shock. They are perfect for cats since the beep and the vibration will alert your kitty hence you will not need to deliver the shock.

Also, the collar should have an LCD to display information such as shock level, battery level, and statistics data. Besides, a collar that is waterproof and has a remote control is a plus.

6. The type of the shock collar

There are different types of shock collars that come with different features. Some shock collars have a beep or a vibration feature that warns your cat when they are about to cross the line before delivering the shock.

Therefore, check for the additional feature before you invest in one. Also, there are shock collars for cats meowing that are remote controlled and others are sound activated.

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Using a shock collar for your cat will not affect your relationship with your furry baby. Instead, it will help build a good relationship with your kitty during the training sessions. When used carefully and in the right way, it is an effective way of training your cat without spending a fortune hiring a professional pet trainer.

Shock collars for cats meowing is a popular way of training your cat. When reinforced with positive training, the results are positive. Also, it is a safe method of training your kitty.

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