A House Cat That Looks Like a Leopard-Interesting Facts About Bengal Cats

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Bengal cat, a house cat that looks like a leopard, is one of the most fascinating cat breeds. They are known for their highly active and intelligent nature. They are medium-to-large cats and weigh between 8 pounds to 15 pounds.

These cats are athletes with a strong and muscular body. Regardless of their wild appearance, Bengal cats are very affectionate and relate very well with their human families. They are playful and very energetic hence need a home where they can stay active to match their energy.

house cat that looks like a leopard

They are one of the cat’s breeds that love to play fetch. Also, with paws as good as hands, they are eager to learn new tricks like switching the lights on and off.

Bengals, unlike most cats, love playing in the water. Therefore, you may find that your furry baby loves to jump in the tub or walk in the shower with you. Hence, if you have an aquarium or a fishpond, your fish may be at risk from your Bengal’s paws.

Additionally, this house cat that looks like a leopard loves to climb. Thus, you will find him perching at the highest points in your home. It is, therefore, crucial to get big cat trees for your Bengal cat to climb on.

How to care for Bengal cats


Some of the health problems that may affect Bengal’s include

  1. Distal neuropathy
  2. Hip dysplasia
  3. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  4. Patellar luxation
  5. Progressive retinal atrophy


Grooming is paramount for all cat breeds at any life stage. Dental hygiene in Bengal cats is vital to prevent periodontal disease. Brush your cat’s teeth at least twice a week with a soft brush. Avoid using human toothpaste as the ingredients may be harmful to your furry baby.

Also, trim their nails after a few weeks. If you do not trim your cat’s claws, they can curl in on themselves and grow into the footpad. Thus, may cause discomfort and immense pain to your cat. Also, untrimmed nails can cause harm to people and ruin furniture.

Bengal cats have a short, thick coat that is easy to care for. They need weekly combing to remove dead hair and help distribute the skin oils. If necessary, you can bathe them occasionally. Ensure that you use cat products to prevent skin dryness and itchiness when bathing your cat.

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What is so special about Bengal cats,  house cat that looks like a leopard

Children and other pets

Since Bengal cats are very social and active, they are perfect for families with children. They love the attention they get from children. However, you need to show your kids how to treat a Bengal cat politely and with respect. Bengals will love to play fetch with your kids and learn new tricks.

Additionally, Bengal’s make good friends with dogs if they do not trouble him. However, when introducing a new pet, do it slowly and in a well-controlled setting.

Proper nutrition for this house cat that looks like a leopard

Every cat at every life stage has needs when it comes to food. However, since cats are carnivores, they need high-quality protein source in their food. Bengal cats, just like other cats, need all the essential nutrients in their food.

The high-quality protein source will ensure that your Bengal cat maintains healthy and strong muscles. Additionally, ensure that you feed your cat the appropriate food quantity depending on their age, health condition, and lifestyle.

On top of the food, you feed your cat, ensure that they have enough water intake to prevent dehydration and health issues that may arise due to dehydration. Thus, ensure that there is enough clean water in your cat’s bowls always.

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house cat that looks like a leopard

What is so special about Bengal Cats?

  • They have wild DNA.

The first Bengal cats were created through breeding Asian leopard cats with domestic cats. Over time, breeders united the beauty of the forest-dwelling cat with the temperament of a domestic cat to develop the graceful Bengal cats.

  • Bengals love water

Most cats hate water and getting wet. However, this is not the case for Bengals. Bengals are water-loving and getting in contact with water excites them.

In most cases, a Bengal cat will follow his owner in the shower or the tub and enjoy getting wet. Therefore, if you have a fish aquarium, ensure that your cat cannot easily access it since they will jump right in if they get a chance to.

  • Bengals need entertaining

Bengals are not just typical cats. They are intelligent, smart, and very active cats. Thus, they need a lot of attention and toys to keep them engaged. Toys with puzzles are the best for these curious cat breeds.

If your Bengal is bored, they may get into mischief while trying to get rid of the boredom on their own. Thus, this may include ruining your electronic gadgets or getting into places they shouldn’t.

  • Bengals are excellent climbers and jumpers.

Bengals are intelligent and active cats. They love to climb and leap onto high surfaces. Hence, they can access just any shelf in your house. Therefore, it is vital to invest in climbing posts if you have a Bengal to keep them off the shelves. Additionally, you can get them cat puzzle games to solve since they are intelligent cats.

How smart are Bengal cats, house cat that looks like a leopard

  • Bengals can quickly learn tricks.

Bengal cats are quite intelligent and attentive. Therefore, they are easy to train new tricks. For instance, you can show your Bengal cat to play fetch and to turn the lights on and off. However, if your Bengal is a playful kitty, he may play with the switches throughout the night.

  • Bengal coats appear to “glitter”.

Bengals have soft, beautiful, marble or speckled coats. Their coats may vary in color. Some have gray to black coats, while others have a golden-brown coat. One attractive characteristic of Bengal’s coat is that it appears to glitter. Thus, this characteristic gives their coat a bright and shiny appearance.

Therefore, their coat will seem like it is glittering under the sun. An interesting fun fact about Bengal’s coat is that no two cats have the exact markings. Thus, making this house cat that looks like a leopard more facsinating.

  • Bengals love the leash.

Most cats hate the leash. Putting a leash on some cats would mean sustaining painful scratches and bites before it’s successfully on them. Contrary, for Bengals, putting on a leash is very easy. They are easy to leash-train even as adults.

Therefore, putting a lash on your Bengal will help him explore the outdoors under your watch safely. Additionally, it is important to take your Bengal cat for a walk to enjoy the scenery and as a form of exercise for this active breed.

Bengal cat for adoption, adopt a Bengal cat,  Bengal cat breeders near me

  • Bengals are very vocal.

Bengals are very vocal cats. They can be very loud, especially when they want something. Therefore, your Bengal cat will let you know when it is feeding time or time to play. Although loud, a Bengal cat meows are very adorable and fun to listen to.

  • Bengals are very expensive

Thinking about getting a Bengal? Then, you will need to save up some money. On average, Bengal can cost anywhere between $500 and $5000 per cat. However, the cost may depend on whether the cat is fixed or not.

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